Grand Piano shell hire

Why a Grand Piano shell?


Hiring a grand piano is expensive, requires special access and 1-2 hours silence for tuning.  Our grand piano shells setup in less than 30 minutes, can access stairs,lifts, gardens,even beachfronts and can be easily moved or stored. Our electric piano (sampled from real Grand Pianos) require no tuning and are volume controlled. Half the price of a real grand piano too. Add a touch of class to your wedding or event. 


Now you can choose a color for our piano to match your event theme.

( Condtions apply)



Our Clients include MCG presidents dinner, Michael Bolton tour,Crown Casino, Launceston Casino, Hamilton Island,Tim Mitchen (UK) Australia's got talent, VFL grand final lunch, VACC Diinner(17th floor) Delta Goodrum and many more.



Our Grand Piano Shells are competitively priced. Real Grand pianos start at around $1000. Hire a shell for between $350-500 depending on day/night or location. Electric keyboard usually is $50-100 extra. Piano stool included in price. Longer term hire deals are available.


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